Education Consulting

As education consultants, we offer advice and guidance to new and existing home educators on all aspects within the legal boundaries of home educating in the UK.

We help new home educators in particular, to chart the unknown and often seemingly daunting territories of finding the ideal educational approach; choosing the right curriculum; structuring the Home Ed day; sourcing learning resources; finding balance whilst striving to deepening family connections; and linking up with social Home Ed groups.

 We also offer a bespoke plug and play home education service for busy and yet discerning clients from all over the world. This exclusive and in-depth service includes working closely with our clients to fully understand their family’s educational needs and values. This insight allow us to curate a menu of service that could include anything from sourcing curriculum and resources, crafting schedules, shortlisting tutors, coordinating children’s extracurricular activities and more.


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*( Whilst home education remains a legal option in the U.K., we recognise that there are instances (outside of the current global health crisis), where parents might find themselves in legal situations around selecting to educate their children otherwise. We do not hold ourselves out to be legal advisers and therefore cannot offer advice in this regard. However, in such instances, we may be able to guide our clients in the right direction. )

Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life

-Charlotte Mason