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I have been long term fan of podcasts since 2011. Before that it was talk radio, particularly BBC Radio 4. In fact, it was nostalgia for community through radio 4 programs that pulled me into podcasts once I got my first smart phone. Living in the Middle East at the time, my need for an intellectual and values-based community was stronger than the discomfort of physical isolation of lockdown.

Once I learnt I could binge on my favourite radio programs exclusively via podcasts, my domestic life gained a whole new lease of life. Suddenly, what had been a begrudging time spent cooking and organising my home on the weekends became self-care. I could now do all my chores whilst listening to my favourite authors being interviewed on Book Review with James Doherty. I’d sail through meal prepping without batting an eyelid listening to Women’s Hour or Kirsty Young and awe-inspiring guests on Desert Island Discs.

Anyone who knows me, knows even now that I that seldom do any kind of intense domestic work without a podcast or an audiobook in my ear. Podcasts have given me the learning communities I’ve desired outside university, church and now work. It was only natural that as soon as I decided to home school, that podcasts were my first port of call. From then onwards, I was armed with a wealth of knowledge including books, practices, habits and life-giving stories that still inform the foundations of my home education.

Through podcasts, I have come to know and love so many home-school podcast hosts, like dear friends. On days I feel weary, I know just who I want to speak to my mum heart. On days when the habit training becomes a drag, or a certain philosophy seems woolly and cumbersome- I know just the person to bring clarity to my fuzzy brain. Admittedly, my home education would be dry and lonely without the host of clever, insightful, funny, brave and empathetic parents who give so much of their time to hold space for this sacred call of motherhood that we have devoted ourselves to. 

My list of top 12 home ed podcasts (in no particular order)

As I contemplate launching my own podcast this month, I would like to pay homage the amazing home ed mums and dad that have carved a learning community me over the years. It started with the intention of making a neat list of my top 10 but that soon proved impossible so here is my list of 12 and a bit.

 If you are struggling with finding community or inspiration in your home-school right now,  I’d like to invite you to grab your head phones, a cup of tea and join me and countless as our listening journey with one of these podcast shows. These incredible home-ed mums and dads at home and across the pond have poured so much of themselves. Saluting each one!

  1. At Home with Sally and FriendsSally Clarkson is the undisputed queen of Christ-centred home-education. I just love sitting at this woman’s feet by way of podcast or one of her books. I always leave her company with a renewed sense of call to motherhood. If you need motherly or big sisterly life-giving advice, wisdom and storytelling for your weary mama heart then find Sally and press play.
  2. Modern Miss Mason Something about Leah’s soul, which is evident in her gentle voice, the way she creates space for her guests to shine, her love of poetry and passion for all things Charlotte Mason makes me want her and her impressive list of guests around my kitchen every week.
  3. A Delectable Education – Emily, Liz and Nicole are 3 US homeschool mums with in-depth understanding of Miss Mason’s Methods who come together to share their knowledge and experience of the principles, practices and ideas of the Charlotte Mason If you are interested in CM then you might want to start here. PS, bring a note book.
  4. Charlotte Mason Poetry – this treasure trove of original and vintage articles and talks on Mason’s life work is a great resource if you want to dive into the CM method. Brilliant articles including original work from the PNEU, read and discussed.
  5. The Mason Jar /CiRCE Institute – The network of 4 podcast is a great resource for Classical Education and CM approach. My favourite of the four, is the Mason Jar by Cindy Rollins. Everything I need to know about morning time, I learnt on this podcast when I first started home edding.
  6. Schole Sisters – These 3 amazing women make talking about serious classical books and concept for mums, such a walk in the park. Their camaraderie and laughter is infectious. I like the idea of Schole and the permission it gives us mum to learn first for our own soul’s sakes and then for our child.
  7. Mended Teacups – Listening to Helen and Molly is like having two friends at your kitchen table. Their down-to-earth, British wisdom on homeschooling is a breath of fresh air in the homeschooling podcast community. They cover everything from seasonal practices, to philosophies, practical habits and more. Molly’s recent book adoption is one to look out for.
  8. Charlotte Mason for All – This new team of multicultural Jesus-loving Charlotte Mason mamas share their diverse cultural homeschooling experiences with joy, warmth and depth of insight. I’ve also loved listening to their recent interview the awesome Amber Johnston. More of this good stuff, sisters!
  9. Daddy Homeschools – I have only just found Jack Stewart’s podcast but he is easily becoming my favourite for this season. I spent the entire weekend listening to his eclectic, charming, vulnerable, insightful and creative podcast. As a single parent with conservative Christian views who feels most embraced within progressive home-schooling circles until I share my Christian views, no one has ever strummed my conflict in this area like Jack did. Go check him out. You can’t help but love his work.
  10. Home Ed Voices – If you love hearing other home edders stories, then Kate Hanrott’s interviews profiing the adventures of UK homeedders is for you. Kate features families practicing various types of philosophies and lifestyles.
  11. Home Ed Matters – This father-daughter duo makes an endearing and heartwarming listen. It’s like being a fly on the wall in their home ed journey. Eden is a great example of the maturity and effortless confidence particular to home ed kids who are passionate about their learning. The Strickland family’s podcast is definitely one to listen to with your kids or if you are curious about what home ed kids are like, then do check this out.
  12. Storyformed/Read Aloud Revival – Sarah Clarkson’s Storyformed podcast is a delightful treat on the power of stories in nurturing the imagination and inner-life of a child. I have since progressed to Sarah Mackenzie’s lively, upbeat show (Read Aloud Revival) on the importance of reading aloud. This podcast will pop a spark into your read aloud culture. The show includes an eclectic mix of interviews, resources, quizzes and excerpt from little readers.
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