Lenten Practices with Clare Carberry




In this episode, as part of our series on Home-Ed rituals and practices, I continue my conversation with my dear friend Clare Carberry, whom you met in the previous episode, about her practices and rituals around the current season of Lent.

I have always been big on Easter and Christmas. However, the quiet periods leading up to the festivities when Christians ought to be preparing for a spiritual encounter on special celebrations like Easter was slightly lost on me. This is why it was an absolute delight to get a peek into how Clare’s family engages with and transforms traditional Lenten practices of the Catholic Church into a charming and memorable home-ed rhythm.

We discuss a wide range of Lenten practices and rituals that can easily be adopted to usher in warmth and delight into your home school rhythm.

Tune in for inspiring and relatable stories, practical tips for prayers, hymns, read-aloud suggestions, fireside treats and as always, a space for thought-provoking topical poetry.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Morning Time Resources:  see A Liturgy of Love: A wholesome and culturally diverse Morning Time Curriculum for the Whole Family, inspired by the Charlotte Mason approach, created by Alberta Stevens


Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter by Arnold Ytreeide Praying in the Presence of our Lord for Children by Fr Antione Thomas Life of St Peter Claver – St Peter Claver was a Jesuit Spanish Priest to African Slaves in the Caribbean during the Transatlantic slave trade.


Good Friday,  by Christina Rossetti


Theme Music- by Kainan Awoonor-Renner Backing track to poem – Bach: Prelude in F minor by Nico de Napoli courtesy Free Music Archive

Home-Ed Rituals and Practices with Clare Carberry





Today, I introduce a new series on home education rituals and practices starting with some of my own rituals. I will be talking to a few of my brilliant Home-Ed friends about their homeschooling rituals and practices in this series. By this I mean, the daily, weekly and seasonal practices and habits that we do religiously, which form the cadence of our unique home education rhythms.

To kick us off, I interview my dear friend Clare Carberry, who is a mother of 6, 4 of whom she has home educated over a period of 17 years. Clare, who draws from Charlotte Mason’s approach and a large dose of her Catholic tradition, is a powerhouse of practical wisdom, knowledge, insight with a reservoir of encouragement for the mother’s heart. She starts with recounting her journey to homeschooling with her 3rd son 17 years ago to bring us into her current daily and weekly rhythms of her idyllic West London home education life.

Tune in for relatable stories, practical tips and inspiration as well as thought-provoking poetry.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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8 Tips to Help You Cultivate Your Inner Life





In today’s episode, I will be discussing what it means to cultivate our inner lives as parents and why this is important for raising confident, creative, and wholesome children. You’ve heard the saying ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ metaphorically or literally speaking.

I will be sharing the 8 ways drawn from Mother Culture, Scholé, Mother Nature and Contemplative traditions that have consistently helped me cultivate a rich and peaceful inner life as a parent; in the hope that you can apply them to your life. Tune in for relatable stories, thought-provoking poetry and inspiration.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Intro: The Who, The What and The How



Welcome to Homegrown Sonshine with Alberta Stevens! A life-giving and culturally diverse community for the intentional home-ed parent.

This podcast is a place where we gather to discuss the arts, the practice, the highs, and the lows of cultivating a wholesome and culturally diverse home education culture for you and your entire family.

In our first ever episode, I lay the foundations on what to expect from the HS Podcast, including what and who it is for. I also discuss how I intend to use stories, poetry, family rituals and all things Charlotte Mason to beguile you into the habit of nurturing your own inner lives as intentional home-ed parents.

I can’t wait to embark on this exhilarating adventure with you!

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