– Early Years MT Pack


Early Years MT Pack

Our September Pack is a comprehensive pick-up-and-go digital morning time basket filled with beautifully curated autumnal and friendship themed life-giving content and parental guides. The pack is designed to help families build stronger connections and deeper meaning over the values and ideas that matter most to them.

All our monthly packs include:

  • 14 delightfully designed seasonal and character-themed learning materials

Our age appropriate morning time  menu of learning resource includes seasonal and character-themed life-giving poems, verses, hymns, affirmations, quotes and multicultural folk songs and fables. The cross-cutting theme in this month’s content is friendship.

  • 5hrs Spotify Playlist: Our packs are accompanied by 1.5hrs Spotify playlist with an eclectic mix of music and spoken work closely reflecting the content of our monthly morning time menu.
  • 3 Parent Guides: In addition to our Introductory Parent’s Guide to Morning Time, this pack also includes a detailed step by step guide to music study and art appreciation using the Charlotte Mason approach.
  • A set of music and picture study pack: This pack features one of each of our culturally diverse artists and composers.
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Early Years MT Pack

Our September Monthly Pack is filled with a delightful selection of autumnal poems, verses, songs and fables all echoing the value of virtuous friendship, teamwork and kindness.

14 delightfully designed seasonal and character-themed learning materials: In addition to selection of inspiring seasonal poems that reflect crisp air of autumn, this month’s content is most inspired by the unlikely friendship instigated by the kindness and courage of the tiny mouse in the Aesop’s Fable of Lion and Mouse.  We hope that the wisdom in these age-old fables, poems, quotes and scriptures will continue to inspire your children into cultivating meaningful friendships and being kind to one another throughout this term.

3 Parent’s Guides - This month’s pack includes three detailed guides with tips and step by step  guidance coaching parents on how to do Morning Time as well as how to implement the Charlotte Mason approach to Picture Study and Music Study.

Charlotte Mason-Inspired Music and Art Study Packs- This month art and music appreciation study packs continue with the work of Edgar Degas and Samuel Coleridge Taylor. Each artist or composer study includes:

  • Introduction to Charlotte Mason Music or Art Study
  • Step-by-Step Parent Guide to Charlotte Mason Music or Art Study
  • Summary Artist or Composer Bio
  • Selected art or music to appreciate for the month
  • Suggested learning activities and further study resources
  1. 5hrs Spotify Playlist - Our August pack is accompanied by a 1.5 hr playlist that closely matches our monthly learning content. This eclectic and soothing mix of hymns, jazz, pop, gospel, classical and afro beats, sprinkled with splice of poetry and African and Caribbean folk songs makes the perfect backdrop afternoon tea, free play sessions and those unsettling car journeys.


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